Humanature explores a push back to trusting our instincts and connecting with natures. A need to reconnect with heritage and community underpins this essential, practical and sustainable direction. Inspirations come from naturally sourced yarns and materials, and time-proven techniques, which are updated with modern twist. It explores an urge to reconnect with things that touch us emotionally and physically.

In the collection we redetermine the relations between human and earth, of how we utilize the nature and how the nature supports and coexists with us. Because we are too naturally living within, we seldom realize how deeply we are connected with nature and how much the ground’s been giving us.

The combinations of intarsia designs and embroidery appliques show the connections and interaction between earth, ground and human communities. We also use varieties of abstract knitting stitches and patterns to represent that sometimes the nature is conceptually weaved into our livings in psychological ways.